Travelling around the world and show casing her work, Susanne’s van Deurs´s label has ”Popped up” during Fashion Weeks in places like Tokyo, Paris and home town Stockholm. In 2014 during BODW – Hong Kong at PMQ. In New York at the studio/ gallery on 29 Mercer Street, Sofo NYC in 2013.

Her Award winning design got ”FORMEX Formidable” in 2009 for the Up cycling design in collaboration with one of Sweden’s largest charity organizations, Myrorna. In 2008 and 2000 her design was also nominated for the same prestigious prize.

In 2007 Susanne’s collection of pleated accessories wins the award, ”Fashion Talent of the Year” by Swedish Fashion Councils. Previously, in 1992 when graduating from the renowned Beckman’s College of Design her pleated graduation collection received the H&M scholarship.

The Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden has exhibited the “Lace Bag” twice and it has been bought to the permanent collection in 2007. Susanne’s design was also exhibited at The Form/Design Centre in Malmö, Sweden 2007

Susanne has worked with several global companies, e.g. Tempur Japan, Carlsberg, SEB and Finnair. She has also been teaching at the University College Of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm.

Her strong engagement in entrepreneurial design issues got her elected in 2012 as Chairman of the Board for the newly started Swedish Fashion Accosiation aka Föreningen Svenskt Mode. Previous being a board member of The Swedish Association of Designers 2005-2009, and during 2007-2008 as Deputy Chairman of the Board for the same association aka Sveriges Designer.

The Lace Bag
Represented at Röhsska museum, Gothenburg 2007
Speaker at the PechaKucha during BODW HK
Susanne speaking about sustainable values at PMQ in Hong Kong 2014
Winner of the “Swedish Fashion Talents” award
Award by the Swedish Fashion Council 2007
Formex Formidable Award at NK Rum 117
Award winning unique vintage bags selected for exclusive exhibition 2009