The core of the van Deurs collection consists of wraps and scarves in a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and pleated patterns – ridge-pleated, zigzag pleated, plate-pleated, diamond-pleated. Pleating makes a fabric sculptural and regal, and it has many references in fashion history, from the Asian tradition to the European pleats and ruffles of the 16th century. It’s a timeless, yet very contemporary technique. In 2007 the celebrated collection CHANGE was launched, some of the items have since then become part of van Deurs’ base collection, true ICONs. Change is timeless and stylish collection of hand-pleated garments and accessories for women and men.

The materials used are mainly new fabrics with a wool/polyester mix (this combo makes sure that the pleats never fade) and wood. Wraps were central in the change collection, and should be a staple in every Wardrobe according to van Deurs! It is the oldest garment and probably the most versatile one. With van Deurs’ wraps and garments, the wearer brings his or her own personality, style and mood to the piece. No piece is ever the same on two people. Or even the same on the same person twice. See van Deurs’ archive for inspiration how to wrap yourself!